Thank you for your business.

Our current website is open for ALL our current customers but we will close our business for future customers.

If you are a current customer, we will continue to be here for you as we will continue to support every one of our members.  We will take care of our current customers but we will be closed for new customers.

The reason for us moving on is that we simply want to focus our energy/effort in the direction of our passion.  After a long time of being in the internet business, we have decided to focus on the business that is going in the direction of our true passion/dream/calling in life which is to inspire the world to live their dreams.

This site was a project we did to begin our dream to live the internet lifestyle but at the end of the day, our bigger mission in life is to inspire the world to discover their talents, use their talents to live their dreams in life, and to live the internet lifestyle.  We are finally succeeding in that mission with our new project.  If this topic interests you, you can learn more about how we can help you live your dreams and live the internet lifestyle by visiting us here.

Thank you to all our newsletter readers, customers, and fans.

We thank you for your business and we wish you the best in the future.

Thank you

Support Team